Cibele Onlus
Non-Profit Association for conservation and environmental management

The Association is composed by a group of biologists and nature scientists joining their skills and competence for a unique effort in nature conservation and sustainable development. Cibele Onlus was born in 2002 and its headquarter is in the hearth of the Casentino forest (Parco Nazionale Foreste Casentinesi, central Italy). A rebuilding rural home, close to the headquarter, will become the perfect site to host all meetings and activities concerning the conservation of nature and its resources.

Our aims

Cibele Onlus is a non-profit organization that works exclusively to enhance countryside safeguard for public benefit.

Cibele Onlus objectives are:

Scientific research, proposing and participating to research projects whose results are valuable for wildlife and nature conservation and management, in Italy and abroad; promoting territory safeguarding and biodiversity valorisation through eco-friendly human activities.

Environmental education: which is considered fundamental in order to promote an ecological and social awareness. This consciousness is prompted carrying out projects for children and adults environmental education. Cibele Onlus moreover works to enhance a solidarity culture among people through specific programmes, projects and education activities.

In particular the Association aims to reach its goals through:

  • Didactic activity in the environmental education field, with schools at all education levels, adults, groups and organizations.
  • Scientific research and intervention for wildlife and environmental management, in Italy and abroad, alone or in collaboration with other private and public institutions.
  • Organization and realization of trekking, trips and natural and cultural camps, in Italy and abroad.
  • Promotion and realization of training courses on Association priority issues.
  • Realization of conservation and development projects, alone or in collaboration with other private or public institutions.
  • Realization of projects for countryside and biodiversity safeguarding in collaboration with other local institutions.
  • Organization of meetings, conventions, exhibitions and other cultural activities enhancing the Association objectives.
  • Realization of activities for improving potentialities of our rural territory.
  • Infrastructures management (refuges, visitor centres, outdoor infrastructures, tourist centres, …).
  • Participation, collaboration and contribution to national and international institutions with the same or similar objectives.
  • Board counsel

    Massimo Sacchi – President
    Francesco Zannella – Secretary, Counsellor
    Silvio d’Alessio – Counsellor
    Monica Rulli – Counsellor
    Mara Scremin – Counsellor

    - Download the curriculum of association in pfd (731 KB)