Cibele Onlus competence in environmental conservation and management are:

Wildlife conservation and management
- Wildlife census.
- Production of faunal maps.
- Elaboration of fauna management and hunting plans.
- Realization of environmental improving plans.
- Technical support to Ambiti Territoriali di Caccia ATC (Hunting areas).
- Realization of predator control plans.
- Management plans for animal (domestic and wild) release.
- Morphological measurement, sex determination and marking of wildlife and breeding animals.
- Radio-tracking for wildlife monitoring.
- Estimation and mitigation of wildlife damages.

Environmental didactics and information
- Management of Visitor centres in Parks and Nature Reserves.
- Carrying out of environmental educational activities (nature school camps, WWF summer camps, naturalistic events).
- Organization and realization of didactic trekking.
- Realization of publications (reports, papers, posters, etc..).
- Ecology, ethology, environment and wildlife management, biology and zoology training courses.
- Tutor for stages and master thesis.

Environmental analysis
- Elaboration of landscape indicators: physic, geomorphologic, vegetation, wildlife, agricultural, infrastructure, historical-cultural, ecosystems, structural and functional.
- I.B.E. determination.
- Determination of D.R.A.S.T.I.C. index for soil and under soil.
- Acoustic impact Evaluation.

Environmental Planning
- Environmental Impact Evaluation and feasibility studies.
- Wildlife measurements and map elaborations for environmental management plans.
- Elaboration and planning of ecological corridor areas.
- Protected Areas management planning.
- Territory analysis and modeling of landscape variables.

Software Management and data analysis
- Space analysis Softwares (Locate II, Resource selection) GIS techniques (ArcInfo, ArcView, ArcGis and their extensions).
- Statistical analysis Softwares (StL 86, Statistica, SPSS, R).
- Sounds and ultra-sounds analysis softwares (SPECTRA Sound Plan 6.1, CoolEdit 2000, Bat Sound Pro).
- Software Programming: ArcView Avenue, Visual Basic, Clipper 5, HTML.